Friday, October 18, 2013

Free eBooks

I recently did a presentation on free eBooks at the District 1 Annual Media Conference on South Padre Island.  What is surprising to me is the amount of free eBooks available online.  I have always gone to a few sites like Baen Free Library and Project Gutenberg but I had no idea about some of the other sites that I have found during the course of my research into this interesting subject.  Here is a list of the Free eBook providers I discussed at the Media Conference as well as some new resources.

Project Gutenburg

Google Books

Internet Archive

University of California – California Digital Library

Baen Free Library

Cambridge Free eBooks

Good comics for kids! = Aggregated Site

The ecomics link was added for fun.  Out of all the e-content providers I really like Internet Archive.  It has content that is not available on Project Gutenberg and has over a million free eBooks most of them are available in formats that you can download to Nooks as well as other mobile devices.  If any of you have any suggestions for this list or any other free e-tools that you think should be showcased please feel free to add them here or email me.

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