Friday, August 2, 2013



This is a web based service that allows organizations and individuals to share presentations.  Anyone is allowed to view the content which opens up the whole of the World Wide Web to the information that you would like to present to the world.

There are a number of applications of the program depending on the functions selected.  The lowest, which is free, permits the uploading and use of PowerPoint, PDF, keynote or Open Office presentations and the use of audio.  There are a number of applications of this service depending on the level of function selected.  The more advanced silver, gold, or platinum memberships offer video and  other features such as analytic, meetings, captive leads and track presentations.

The silver level cost for educational institutions is $114.00 per year and gold is $249.00 per year.  The platinum level cost is available by contacting the organization.

So far ten million presentations have been uploaded to this service.  It is used by Dell, Pfizer, Daimler, the BBC, and McGraw Hill and many other organizations.  This also includes many educational institutions.

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