Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello again!  This is the second blog for the TLA DELRT page!  The tool I am going to talk about today is  It is a great website/tool for librarians who work in the field of genealogy.  It is freely available for anyone to use.  Libraries with small or non-existent genealogy budgets will find it invaluable. Roots Web is easy to use.  The first page of the website allows users to enter the name of an ancestor. Users should use the search boxes that are available under  The other two areas are for pay services.  Roots Web also offers multiple links to other sources of information for individuals working on their family trees.  Of particular interest to genealogists will be Charts and Forms link which gives access to useful record sheets for keeping track of information.  For beginners the website has a Getting Started at RootsWeb link which provides information on how to get help and interact with other users of this resource.  This is a great tool which offers users a great deal of material and help in the field of genealogy.    

If you want to check it out here is the URL:

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