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Socrative is a student response system that allows students to use their own devices.  Teachers can create quizzes that the students answer in real time.  On the webpage you can choose to create an account with Socrative 1.0 or 2.0.  They offer the same features but the layout of 2.0 is more compact.
Socrative 1.0                                                                                             Socrative 2.0

The teacher begins by creating an account and that will create a “Room Number”.  It’s going to be some dreadful number that you won’t be able to remember but you can edit it by going to “My Profile” using the “Menu” button at the top of the page. 

Once you have created an account, there are four options:
·         Start Quiz
·         Quick Question
·         Space Race
·         Exit Ticket
·         Manage Quizzes

At the end of each of these the teacher is provided a report of the results from each activity including a grade for everyone who participated as well has what their responses were.  These reports can be downloaded into an Excel document, emailed, or (if you linked your Google account with it) sent to your Google Drive.  The reports are also stored in the “Reports” section under “Manage Quizzes”.

Start Quiz

This allows you to administer quizzes that have be created ahead of time.  You can have questions that are multiple choice, true or false, and short answer.  You are not limited to one format when creating your quiz.  If you want 3 true or false questions, 2 multiple choice questions, and one short answer then you can make it so.  You can require that they enter their names before answering and you can randomize questions and/or answers.  You can also have questions progress at the student’s pace or at the teacher’s pace.

Quick Question

You can create quizzes ahead of time to administer during class or you can use the “Quick Question” option to have students respond to a verbal question.  If you just want to find out if your students’ understand what you are talking about but you are worried that some of them are relying on others to answer verbally, then “Quick Question” can help with that.  You can simply have students log-in with your “Room Number” and they can answer your verbal question.  This has the same format as the quizzes, multiple choice, true or false, and short answer.  You can have students respond anonymously or require they enter their name.  You can also limit it so they can only respond once if you want.

Space Race

You can use your premade quizzes to create a “Space Race”.  Students can be set in teams (up to 15) by choosing or being assigned a color and they answer the questions for the quiz as their “spaceship” races across the teacher’s screen.  If a correct answer is given then the ship moves forward, if an incorrect answer is given then the ship does not progress.  When an incorrect answer is given the students receive a message saying it is wrong and telling them the correct answer.  You might wish to project the “race” on the board for the class to see. 

Exit Ticket

The “Exit Ticket” is a set of three questions that are generated by the software to assess how a student perceived the class.  They are asked how well they understood, they must type something they learned, and they answer a question posed by the teacher.

Manage Quizzes

This is where you create new quizzes, import quizzes from others using the provided code, edit, duplicate, or delete your quizzes, and view past reports.

Student Log-In

Student visit the site http://m.socrative.com for Socrative 1.0 or http://b.socrative.com for Socrative 2.0

This tool provides teachers an ability to assess students in a more interactive way so instruction can be tailored when needed rather than after the major test.  It provides data to support the class and grades the quizzes for you.  This is a fantastic idea to see what is happening with students’ learning in a real-time environment.  It could even be used to assess the service or performance of the library, you would simply provide patrons with the “Room Number” and ask they to answer the survey on their device.
Hope you can find create ways to use this at your institution.  Please share your thoughts and ideas below.  We would love to hear from you!

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