Monday, March 31, 2014 is a free set of templates that allow educators and other users to create interactive learning content.  It is a web based tool where librarians and teachers can build educational video games and faux social media pages to go along with assignments or presentations. is totally free.  There is a premium option that includes several additional features including ad free access.  

Probably one of the more exciting features is the ability to create a virtual treasure hunt using the educational site in conjunction with Google Maps.  Users can also create QR code assignments.  This is a very versatile set of tools especially for individuals looking to build interactive educational games and other out of the box learning experiences.  

For librarians it represents a chance to add games and other non-traditional content to webpages and instruction sessions.  Teachers will find it useful for building lessons using media that kids and adolescents respond to.  The free version of the site is very busy with numerous ads and constantly changing windows but despite this is very easy to navigate.  Also the templates themselves are simple to use allowing librarians, teachers and other educators to create content very quickly.  This website is a great tool to add to your distance learning arsenal and even though it is geared toward a younger audience it can be useful for older students.  

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