Friday, January 24, 2014

Khan Academy

In my blog today I am going to discuss Khan Academy.  This is a website based learning tool that offers tutorials and exercises on a number of different topics.  The electronic resource is free to use and has lessons in math, science, economics/finance, and history/civics.  It represents a self-paced tool that anyone with an internet connection can use.  One of the unique features of this site is that they have partnered with several education institutions including the Getty Museum and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Khan Academy represents an amazing resource that can be used by school libraries and can be leveraged by public and academic libraries as well, to the benefit of their patrons. 

Its biggest advantage is that the electronic resource represents a way to offer tutoring to patrons both young and old without expending excessive resources.   One of the critical shortages that libraries face is a lack of personnel.   Khan Academy has many easy to use self-paced tutorials so that there is no need for an organization to hire tutors or use staff in order to provide educational help to patrons.  The other major problem libraries and many educational institutions are facing is deficient funding.   Khan Academy is free.  All you need in order to use this electronic resource is an internet connected computer and a working email.  Patrons can just register and right away they can begin using the program within most libraries.  Khan Academy is a great tool that has many great features and can help users reach their educational goals.

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